CIWA Apply for Free Books from Hanban Service

Application Procedure

  1. 登录


  1. 点击“进入赠书页面”。

Click the button “Enter Getting Free Books”

  1. 点击页面左上“资源浏览”。

Click on the menu “Browse Resources” on the upper left

  1. 点击页面左边“图书分类”栏中您感兴趣的类别,比如“教材”。

Click on the category of books you are looking for on the left bar “Book Categories”, e.g. “Textbook”

  1. 点击页面右下角“下载书目”。

Click on the button “Download Booklist” at the lower right corner

  1. 选择您教学急需的资料,下载《华盛顿州孔子学院申请汉办赠书统计表》填写相关信息。

Choose the materials you need most. Fill in the online application form and submit.

  1. 提交《华盛顿州孔子学院申请汉办赠书统计表》至

Submit the application form to

  1. 截止日期:每年3月31日。

The deadline for application is March 31 every year.