Confucius Institute of the State of Washington Co-Sponsored

World Language Summit: The High School College Connection Report

Saturday, January 23, 2016  9:00 am- 3:00 pm University of Washington Mary Gates Hall 241

The daylong summit began with a warm welcome to attendees from Michele Aoki, the Director of the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington’s Education Center and International Education Administrator for Seattle Public Schools. After an announcement from Paul Aoki, the Director of the University of Washington Language and Learning Center, Divisional Dean of the Humanities and Asian Languages and Literature Department Professor at the University of Washington Michael Shapiro spoke to the group of nearly 100 stressing the significance of the diverse nature of the sponsors and organizations involved in the summit which included the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Specifically, he noted that the representation from public, private, governmental and non-governmental institutions was evidence of the extensive collaboration on the high-school college connection across the state.

The subject of Chinese language instruction played heavily into a series of presentations on high-school based programs. A panel composed of students, educators, and administrators spoke about advanced placement classes at the high-school level and a student in advanced placement Chinese classes spoke about her experience and how she understands advanced placement classes to be vital to her future success at the college level. This early preparation for more advanced studies, especially in language courses, can help students gain credits before further specialization in another field and is thus a crucial approach to the support of students at the high-school level.

The presentations at the summit then progressed thematically to college in high-school programs and the issues they face. A series of presentations took place regarding programs for high-school students outside of school: this included running start at the community college level, University of Washington’s Russian STARTALK summer programs, University of Washington’s Summer Intensive Language Programs and One World Now!, an organization which offers after school Chinese, Korean and Arabic classes and summer programs, with Chinese after school and summer classes sponsored by the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington.

Various organizations hosted information booths to share materials with the summit attendees on behalf of their organization during the afternoon recess including the CIWA and the UW Jackson School of International Studies. As the day continued, the summit saw presentations on competency-based credits and the seal of biliteracy in the state, meeting the needs of heritage students language learners and dual language students in college. A number of presenters spoke on this topic from Central Washington University. A panel of students from CWU included Spanish heritage students who spoke to their language learning experience and the importance of the role of identity and heritage in language learning experience. The group then engaged in a discussion of the flipped classroom model and a lecture concerning the Russian STEM class for University of Washington heritage students, all successful programs that can be implemented for a diversity of languages taught across the state. Finally, the summit organization team and the group discussed where to go from here with an interactive session and small group discussions on a range of topics including: the national heritage language institute, how to advocate for dual language programs for early language learners, credit non-credit classes at high-schools and how to find resources for less commonly taught languages for educators.

In the end, the summit was successful and saw the collaboration of educators from a diversity of backgrounds in the field of world language teaching. The summit included a large number of Chinese language educators who valued the opportunity to come together and work together to promote the further development of Chinese language and cultural education in the state. The summit also provided a forum for the exchange of information and resources and was an invaluable space for intercultural exchange and professional development.


由华盛顿州孔子学院赞助支持的世界语言峰会于2016123日在华盛顿大学西雅图校区举行。峰会由华州孔院的美方院长、西雅图公里学区国际教育官员Michele A. Aoki主持,华盛顿大学语言学习中心主任Paul Aoki做了开会致辞。近100位来自华盛顿州各个公立或私立学区、政府机关、非盈利行机构的代表共聚一堂,讨论在世界语言教学方面华州内中小学系统与高等教育系统如何应对当前问题以及如何加强交流与合作等议题。华盛顿州世界语言项目监事Angela Davila出席了峰会。

峰会一开始由华盛顿州世界语言项目前监事Paris Granville做报告,分享了州内双语教学以及双语徽章项目的情况。接下来是学生领导的座谈会,学习各种语言的学生分享了他们的语言学习经历以及语言学习对他们人生道路的积极影响。其中一位学生提到学习AP中文课程对她的大学申请起到有力帮助,而且为她日后在大学进一步学习中文课程打下了良好基础。

来自各个教学项目的代表在峰会上发言展示了自己的教学成果,其中包括OneWorld Now!OWN),一个面向高中生教授中文、阿拉伯语和韩语的非盈利机构。OWN每学年的长期中文项目和短期中文夏令营均由华州孔院赞助。