Dear Colleagues,

This summer our Confucius Institute will once again offer a 3-week  program in Shanghai focused on translation methodology.  The program is open to graduate students, faculty, and professionals from any discipline who work with Chinese texts.   The program is not designed to train professional translators, but rather to provide scholars with a methodology to approach the translation of Chinese texts.

The workshop will be co-taught by faculty from UCLA and Fudan University and features two tracks for participants—those translating from Chinese to English (designed for native English speakers) and those translating from English to Chinese (for native Chinese speakers).     Past participants have come from the fields of history, art history, critical studies, economics, literature, political science, and medicine.

Fudan University is recruiting participants for the English-Chinese track, while we are recruiting those for the Chinese-to-English track.  It is our hope to recruit participants from your institutions–our Confucius Institute partner schools.      We will cover housing, tuition, and help support participant travel to China.    Please help us to spread the word about the program on your campus, in your community (e.g., Are there any cultural organizations such as art museums in your community that regularly work with China?), or through your professional organizations.    We think that this is a great program that meets an important need for both China and the US.

I have attached a flyer about the program as well as provided contact information for my colleague, Ma Xiaojie, a former program participant.   Space is limited in the program, so please encourage those interested to act fast.

Best regards,
Susan Pertel Jain
UCLA Confucius Institute
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