Below is a list of dictionaries and online dictionaries recommended by the University of Washington Asian Languages and Literature Chinese Language program.

Recommended Dictionaries:

  • Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.  The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary (Chinese-English Edition) 漢英雙語現代漢語詞典.  Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research, 2002.
  • Beijing Foreign Language Institute.  Han-Ying cidian 漢英詞典.  Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research, 1997.
  • Yao Naiqiang, et al.  Xinhua Dictionary with English Translation新華字典 (漢英雙解).  Beijing: Commercial Press, 2000.
  • Wang Huan.  Chinese-Pinyin-English Dictionary for Learners 劍橋漢英雙解詞典.  Boston: Cheng & Tsui, 1999.
  • Manser, M.  Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary.  Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999.

Online Dictionaries: