“Glamorous China”, a fascinating dance and music performance by the Ensemble of Sichuan University, attracted hundreds of people to Kane Hall at University of Washington on October 4th, 2017.

It was Mid-Autumn Festival in China, a traditional holiday of family reunion. The event was also to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington, as well as to offer the audience a glimpse of traditional performing art in China, and the taste of Chinese culture full of variety.

The performance began with the dance “Hundred Flowers,” which elegantly expressed the spirit of nature. There were unique dances derived from the varied cultures of Chinese ethnic minorities: “When the Dauikia Flowers Blossom” of the Qiang people; “Northern Ballard” of the Mongols; “Vitality of Writing” from the Koreans; “Sound of Harvest” from the Tibetan people. There were renditions that communicated the beauty of Chinese classical music, for example, pipa (four-stringed Chinese lute) solo “Ambush from All Sides”, and erhu (two-stringed bowed instrument) solo “Golden Sun in Beijing”. Characteristic Chinese songs were very touching: “Three Gorges” by male soloist, “An Oriental Jasmine for You” by female soloist, and a duet “Singing for the Festival.” The climax of the celebration was the rare “Face-changing” performing art of Sichuan opera, in which the performer kept changing from one colorful mask to another swiftly with a wave of hand. The audience were amazed at this artistic wonder, exclaiming and applauding throughout the play.

Before the performance, Paul Atkins, the Chair of Asian Languages and Literature Department at University of Washington and member of the Board of Directors at Confucius Institute of the State of Washington (CIWA), gave an opening speech. He recognized CIWA’s outstanding work on Chinese language teaching and promoting Chinese culture. He also conveyed his confidence and support in CIWA’s future development. In addition, Director Fang Dingzhi from the Confucius Institute of Sichuan University read a letter of congratulations from Dr. Xie Heping, the President of Sichuan University, who sent greetings for the Mid-Autumn Festival as well as the 7th anniversary of CIWA.

After the end of the performance, many audience members came up to the stage to take photos with the performers. The audience said that the show was truly “glamorous” and that they had a wonderful cultural experience. They expressed their appreciation to the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington and the Ensemble of Sichuan University, and they also wished they can see more high-end performances like “Glamorous China” in the future.