The Confucius Institute of the State of Washington was pleased to present three sessions at the CABE 2018 Conference organized by the California Association for Bilingual Education in Sacramento, California March 28-31, 2018. CIWA and other West Coast Confucius Institutes were invited by CABE to help expand the presence of Mandarin Chinese at the annual CABE Conference. It was our pleasure to be part of such an important conference dedicated to “Embracing Multilingualism: From Policy to Powerful Practices.”

Chan Lu and Michele Aoki presenting at CABE 2018

Chan Lü and Michele Aoki presenting at CABE 2018

Friday, March 30 • 10:30 am – 11:45 pm
Expanding Chinese Literacy through Immersion
Presenters: Dr. Chan Lü, University of Washington, and Dr. Michele Anciaux Aoki, Seattle Public Schools

Many Chinese dual language/immersion programs nationwide report that developing students’ biliteracy, especially Chinese literacy, is challenging. What are the space and practices needed for developing young learners’ Chinese literacy? What does a longitudinal study show on Chinese literacy development and content-area learning in a K-5 immersion program? How can we expand the space and improve practices through professional development? Participants join presenters to discuss these issues, share experiences, and develop strategies to improve their programs.


Friday, March 30 • 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm
Tackling Chinese Literacy with a Leveled Reading Platform
Presenters: Dr. Michele Anciaux Aoki and Feng Zhou, Seattle Public Schools (with Pauline Shuen of Level Chinese)

To develop strong literacy in any language, students need access to books at their reading level and appropriate instruction to keep them moving ahead. K-12 educators from Seattle’s Mandarin Dual Language Immersion and World Language programs will share their implementation of objective-based reading instruction aligned to Common Core State Standards, with online assessments and a growing array of both fiction and non-fiction books for students’ free reading in Chinese.
Download:  Presentation Slides | Handout | CIWA Literacy Project


Saturday, March 31 • 10:45 am – 12:00 pm
Deepening Conversations about Chinese Dual Language and Immersion Programs
Presenters: Dr. Chan Lü, University of Washington, and Dr. Michele Anciaux Aoki, Seattle Public Schools

Educators seeking to establish/enhance a Chinese dual language or immersion program receive a document, Key Features of Effective Chinese Language Programs: A Checklist, developed by the Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network of the Asia Society. Learn about a district’s effort of using a similar checklist to engage in program fidelity alignment. Participants will use the checklist to engage in round table discussions and then report out key points of their discussions and make recommendations for future collaboration.
Download:  Presentation Slides | Handout | DLI Fidelity Checklists Comparison to CAL Guidelines