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CIWA Director Receives Award

At the December 2016 Global Confucius Institute Conference in Kunming, China, CIWA’s Chinese Director supporting K-12 education, Wenqiu Wang, received the 2016 Confucius Institute/Confucius Classroom Individual Performance Excellence Award.  Here are a few of Wenqiu’s accomplishments since she arrived in Seattle in April 2014: Over the past two years, the number of schools offering Chinese […]

Highlights from the Third Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to everyone who came together on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 to celebrate the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington at South Seattle Community College. We hope those in attendance left feeling invigorated and excited for the future of Chinese language education and exchange in the state of Washington. If you missed the […]

华盛顿州孔子学院举办AP中文研讨会 AP Chinese Workshop at the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington (CIWA)

The AP Chinese Workshop on Chinese class teaching strategies, hosted by CIWA, the UW Department of Asian Languages & Literature, and the UW East Asia Center was held successfully at the University of Washington on April 20. 参加本次研讨会的有来自全州各高校和中小学的50余位本地中文教师,以及来自四川大学的两位汉办公派教师,特邀主讲嘉宾为来自汉密尔顿大学的靳洪刚教授。靳教授从事对外汉语教学逾二十年,主要研究领域为第二语言习得、心理语言学、教师培训及教育教学理论等。过去七年来年靳教授担任AP中文研发委员会主席,对AP中文教学与测试有着相当深入地研究。 Around 50 Chinese teachers from high schools and K-12 schools in Washington state and two Hanban-funded teachers […]

CIWA and the Trade Development Alliance

Changping Tang speaks to Advisory Council Members about her role as a director for the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington Photo Credit: Changping Tang The Trade Development Alliance welcomed the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington to present to the Trade Alliance Advisory Council for its 1st Quarter meeting last Wednesday. Representing the Confucius […]

I Sing Beijing Captivates Seattle Audience on Successful U.S. Debut

The night of I Sing Beijing on February 26 was unforgettable for audience members, singers and Hao Jiang Tian, who conceived the idea of the program and has served as its artistic director since 2011. People were so amazed by the songs and singers’ performance that many in the audience were singing along with the […]