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Horizontal Information Flows in an Authoritarian Organization

  WHEN: Tuesday, April 4, 2017 4:30 – 6:00 PM WHERE: 2M Seminar Room, (inside) East Asia Library Third Floor, Gowen Hall ABSTRACT: Authoritarian regimes consist of three major actors, the ruler, the ruler’s agents, and the masses. Extant studies have focused extensively on how the ruler devises various institutions to facilitate vertical information flows, […]

The Life of a Chinese Comedian

Fulbright Scholar and professional comedian Jesse Appell will share stories about his time in China studying Xiangsheng “Cross-talk” Comedy, his experiences of learning Chinese, and the secrets for making people from different cultures laugh with each other instead of at each other. Time: Tues, January 31 4:00-5:00 pm Venue: Communication Building 120  


The “Wulin Hanyun” Kungfu Troupe consists of Shaolin Kungfu and folk music performance by Kungfu masters from the Shaolin Martial Academy near the legendary Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Martial Academy performed at both the opening and closing ceremonies of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, making itself a huge fame. The Confucius Institute is very delighted to […]

Peking Opera Demystified

Ghaffar Pourazar, an internationally renowned Peking Opera master will give you an insider view and share his secrets and wonders about Peking Opera, one of China’s most famous arts. The performer will talk, sing, act, dance and perform while giving you the information you need to understand the Opera’s traditions and origins. Come experience Chinese […]