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Peking Opera Demystified

Ghaffar Pourazar, an internationally renowned Peking Opera master will give you an insider view and share his secrets and wonders about Peking Opera, one of China’s most famous arts. The performer will talk, sing, act, dance and perform while giving you the information you need to understand the Opera’s traditions and origins. Come experience Chinese […]

Teaching Chinese Language in the U.S.: Challenges and Prospects

Chih-p’ing Chou

Professor of East Asian Studies, Princeton University

December 3rd, 2016


SMITH 205,

University of Washington, Seattle


A Reflection on the Dilemma of modernizing education for the Yi Ethnic Minority People in Liangshan Autonomous Region in Sichuan, Southwest China

Prof. Aga Rehamo, Sichuan Normal University Friday, December 9, 12:00-13:00 HUB 340 The introduction of modern education into a society which in the past did not have a formal education system, coupled with the three forces of globalized capitalism, the modernization of the state and the development of nationality minorities, is a dynamic process which […]

Writing systems of the Yi peoples of Southwest China: past and present

Professor Steve Harrell Thursday, November 14, 12:00-13:00 HUB 214 Almost all the writing systems in use today are derived from the Phoenician alphabet devised in the second millennium BCE; the best-known exceptions are Chinese characters and the Korean Hangul phonetic system.  However, the Yi peoples of Southwest China have systems for writing their own language […]