Chinese Culture Salon

Introduction to Chinese Culture Salon

Fall Quarter 2016: September 28 – December 9 (秋季学期)(9.28-12.9)

October 27th-The Art of Chinese Tea Drinking

November 17-Writing systems of the Yi peoples of Southwest China: past and present

December 9-A Reflection on the Dilemma of modernizing education for the Yi Ethnic Minority People

For details and to confirm dates and topics, please see the calendar.


The Chinese Culture Salon is a traditional event of the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington with the mission to increase the popularity of Chinese culture. The Chinese Culture Salon is held every week on the University of Washington Seattle campus. The events cover traditional Chinese culture, such as Chinese dance, music, painting, and opera. Modern culture topics include Chinese ethnic groups, Chinese dialect, etc.

Salon events combine lectures and discussion, teaching the audience about Chinese culture and also involving guests in activities to facilitate their understanding and interest.

The salon is open to everyone, including students, faculty, staff, and the Seattle community.

We invite experts in various fields to lecture every quarter. We are happy to say that all the lectures we have hosted so far have received warm welcomes from the participants. In the years to come, the Chinese Culture Salon will continue to present colorful Chinese culture to everyone as a platform for those who love Chinese culture to exchange ideas and will help to spread the beauty of Chinese culture to more people.