2017 CIWA’s Education Delegation started an in-depth educational and cultural visit to China from Nov.11 to Nov. 18 under the guidance of Wenqiu Wang, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington. The delegation included nine principals, program officers and teachers from Seattle, Bellingham, Issaquah and Tacoma School Districts as well as the University of Washington.

Visit at Chongqing Municipal Education Commission

The delegation was warmly received by Mr. Rui Deng, deputy superintendent of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, who gave an overview of Chongqing K-16 education and expressed a good will to establish the sister schools with American counterparts.

Visit at Nankai Secondary School

The delegates visited seven K-12 schools and three universities, observing language, math, science, art and the PE classes, as well as experiencing Taiji class, choir, classic dance, etc. Among all of the schools, Nankai Secondary School and Renmin Primary school have established the sister school partnership with Chief Sealth International High School and Beacon Hill International School, respectively. Through the exchange program, the other American schools were also partnered with a sister school in Chongqing.

The principal from Lincoln High School warmly welcomed by Yucai Secondary School

Experience the traditional Chinese painting class

Visit the Confucius Institute Headquarters

During Beijing, the delegates visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters and had a meeting with Ms. Shifang Ren, the Director of American and Pacific CI Division. Director Ren recognized highly the achievement CIWA has made in the previous years and the friendly collaboration CIWA has established with K-12 schools and higher education. From there the delegates visited the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

Hello from the Great Wall

Visit the Forbidden City

The delegates were impressed by the rapid progress China has made in education. Shannon Quinn, the program manager from the University of Washington, stated that 10% of international students of UW came from China whereas a lot of students from UW were also interested in studying in China. All of delegates agreed on promoting more exchanges and collaborations between Chongqing schools and their own school in the near future.